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The Eptagon Group of companies is a dynamic Cypriot registered company operating all over the world. The Eptagon Group is comprised across an array of business and economic sectors which include the renewable energy sector as well as the finance, retail, imports, medical, software and construction sectors.
The Eptagon Group is namely recognised via the Bioland Energy Group Ltd which is the parent company of Bioland Energy Ltd and Bioland Holdings Ltd. These two well established international companies have been at the forefront of multiple energy projects. Whether it be from home installations to the development of large scale solar photovoltaic parks, our renewable energy business continues to flourish on a commercial and investment basis as people and businesses look for alternative sources to ensure sustainable energy production.

Through our subsidiaries, we are openly pursuing services which benefit the imports, construction, medical and retail industry. Eptagon Business Solutions (EBS) conveniently offers businesses the opportunity to get end-end solutions for companies looking to import goods whilst our construction arm is set to offer solutions for developers through scaffolding and construction materials. In addition to this, the Eptagon Group is also involved in the development of our own large scale projects and the management of properties.

Our business umbrella continues to grow through our acquisitions which include Eptagon's commitment to expanding across multiple industries. This includes the service, software and the recycling industry which form the scope of our future investments.

Through our strategic investment plans watch as our portfolio continues to grow.


The scope of our business has gone on an upward trajectory from 2015. Through our subsidiaries Bioland Energy Cyprus Ltd and Bioland Holdings Ltd we continue to drive forward our renewable energy projects.
Our energy projects until date have seen over 1500 home and commercial solar installations whilst we have developed over 20 MW of solar parks in less than 10 years. In the next 18 - 24 months this capacity will increase by as much as 200 MW through the development of more Solar Photovoltaic Parks, an 18.9 MW Pyrolysis Plant in Limassol and the development of a 100 MW Power Station in Vasiliko. 

Our latest company development in 2020 now includes the operations of Bioland Promithia which through its roll out sets to revolutionize the electricity market in Cyprus. Where we will serve as a utility company providing electricity to consumers. In addition, our company has continued to grow with the acquisition of a local Cypriot foundry which will now be included in our business stable.

Moving on from 2020 our expansive plans are going to be focused on growing internationally where our energy and efforts will be engaged with projects in countries such as South Africa, Greece, Russia, Vietnam and Uganda. We are also looking at expanding our operations to regions such as the Middle East and Western Europe.

In an effort to remain as a leading entity a lot of time and investment is going into the research of new innovative concepts. The Eptagon Group is working closely with researchers to optimise our business offering.
Our investment scope is large which allows us to be more involved in investment and partnerships. One of the areas we are expanding in is in the investment of start-ups which can be developed into new business frontiers.
We welcome entrepreneurs, researchers and investors to approach us in building new business ventures.


Our vision at the Eptagon Group is to continue to grow our business from strength to strength. Through our well established presence and our wealth of knowledge through the sectors we already operate in, our vision is to become a premium brand associated with secure investment and creating a business with a purpose.

Through our specialised workforce and expertise we wish to ensure that partners and investors needs are sufficiently managed and attained through strategic investments and sound acquisitions.

The Eptagon Group through its subsidiaries will continue its investment efforts in sustainability, renewable energy and in projects that are beneficial to the environment. We are all about continuity and investing for the future. 

We will continue to support and emphasise each area of our business and look to add more value through expansion and innovation.

Our ultimate aim is to reach new business frontiers offering much needed business solutions on a global scale.


Our growing business network includes our close business ties with Aristo Developers, Nu-Hold Holdings and Hydro-Comp Enterprises which we work in close synergy with.
Together with our partners we connect to grow our business ties locally and abroad exhibiting our business strength.

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